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Meet the Doctors


Dr. Arora
The focus of the research in Dr. Rishi Arora’s laboratory is as follows:

  • Studying the underlying mechanisms of AF using large animal models. A better understanding of the molecular and signaling pathways involved in AF will allow for the discovery of novel therapeutic targets for this arrhythmia.
  • Discovering novel therapeutic strategies to modify critical signaling pathways in AF.
  • Investigating the autonomic profile of the pulmonary veins and the rest of the left atrium in a canine model using high-density electrophysiologic mapping in live animals, high-resolution optical mapping, and confocal microscopy studies of calcium signaling in isolated cardiac myocytes.
  • Investigating the mechanisms underlying atrial fibrosis and the resulting basis of AF.

Dr. Passman
Dr. Rod Passman’s research on AF includes the following:

  • Markers for successful AF ablation
  • Outpatient initiation of antiarrhythmic drugs for the treatment of AF
  • Detection of AF using implantable cardiac monitors in patients with cryptogenic stroke